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A Plan For Your Future

Selfridge Financial Design works with clients to develop clear and objective financial goals, navigate personal financial issues and cope with an investment climate that is always in flux. When you have financial goals, you need a financial plan.

Investment Planning

Although it may be true that current workers lack confidence that they will have enough money to retire comfortably, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some good strategies out there to maximize income over a period of years. Let us tell you about investing in annuities and/or mutual funds.

Retirement Planning

Changes in retirement have intensified issues that future retirees face. Let us help you understand how these challenges could affect your retirement income security. You should have as many resources as possible for funding your retirement, including Social Security, veterans’ benefits, personal… contributions to an employer’s retirement plan (such as a 401(k) plan), and your own personal savings.

Legacy And Estate Planning

Whether your total estate is large or small, estate planning can help you preserve your assets, manage money during your lifetime, and facilitate the administration of your affairs after your death.

Insurance Protection/Long-Term Care

When it comes to ensuring that your family has an umbrella of protection in the event of your untimely death, consider life insurance to address some of those financial responsibilities. If a family is required to provide long-term care for a loved one at home, sometimes the costs are enormous. One solution is long-term care insurance. Ask us how we can help you understand more about this topic and what options there are. It differs for everyone.

Education Funding

The cost of a four-year college education can be overwhelming. You don’t have to go far or long to hear or read about the rising costs of attending college. It’s easy to lie awake at night wondering how you will be able to help your children when they’re ready to start their education. We can share with you a variety of college savings plans to consider.

Business Planning And Succession Planning

We can help you find the right package of benefits that fit your company’s budget and appeal to your employees. And once decisions are made about who will succeed you, whether you keep the business in the family or sell it, you need to prepare what is called a succession plan.

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